Laparoscopic Distal Pancreatectomy NEW MILE STONE AT CMRI

20 Jun 20170

Distal Pancreatectomy usually done for tumor and cyst in body and tail of pancreas. As this type of surgery does not requires any type of luminal anastomosis, this is one of the ideal case for laparoscopic pancreatic Surgery. Since last six month I have encounter with four cases of pancreatic tumor in body/tail region, and all are diagnosed in ...Read More

Laparoscopic Surgery in Pancreatic Tumor

05 Jan 20170

Tumor of pancreas are difficult to treat and surgery of pancreatic tumor are most complicated surgery within the abdominal cavity. While most of pancreatic surgery are done by open laparotomy, laparoscopic approach are gaining popularity. Recently I have encounter with few cases, two of them are young female in there twenties, so we decided to do ...Read More

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Groove Pancreatitis

01 Jun 20160

Groove Pancreatitis is rare form of pancreatitis, usually seen in alcoholic. I have recently encountered with one case with gastric outlet obstruction. Best form of treatment is surgery in this patient . We did Whipple's operation in this patient and he recovered completely.

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31 May 20160

Pancreatitis is one of the leading cause acute pain abdomen. Common causes are gall stones and alcohol. Other rare causes are viral infection, obesity ot trauma. Patient usually have very severe upper abdominal pain radiating to back associated with nausea and vomiting. This type of patients usually require urgent hospitalisation for ...Read More

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Stump Stone

07 Jan 20160

Before going for open surgery must take second opinion from other surgeon.

Simultaneous resection - CRLM

12 Jun 20150

If a patient with colonic cancer with liver metastasis it was considered as advanced disease and considered as bad outcome disease. But now even liver mets were resected in the absence of other metastatic diposit with good survival advantage. We at CMRI doing simultaneous resection for colonic cancer with liver metastasis.

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Painless Jaundice

14 Mar 20150

Painless progressive jaundice with itching in an adult may harboring underlying malignancy/cancer . Must consult your hepato-biliary surgeon.

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Splenectomy / hemoperitonum

20 Feb 20150
Splenectomy / hemoperitonum

Coventionally splenectomy in trauma done by open laparotomy method. Recently I had done two such case by laparoscopic method. Its really rewarding for me and for patients also.

Pancreatic Stone; Chronic Pancreatitis

05 Dec 20140

Chronic calcific pancreatitis usually seen younger age group. This patient usually have pain abdomen since childhood ; loss of weight; usually on regular painkiller some time patient have jaundice. Usually cosultated surgeon when all measure fail to relief from pain. Recently two of these patient consulted me. After doing CT scan both of them were operated. There stones were removed. They are now pain free.

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Gas bloating indigetion blood mixed vomiting - alarming sign.

05 Dec 20140

One of my patient had all this symptoms. He consultated me . I advised him endoscopy which detect cancer in his stomach. He was operated by treated by my team. He recovered from surgery . now undergoing chemotherapy as his cancer is detected and treated at an early stage I hope should be cured has good quality of life.

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Early surgery is curative

27 Nov 20140

Alcoholic patients are at risk

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